Efficient adsorbents

Efficient adsorbents

Adsorbent directly affects the efficiency and service life of the device. Possible impurities are CO, CO2, H2O, and because CO will poison the majority of hydrogenation catalysts, in order to strictly control the content of impurities in hydrogen, quality control shall be conducted on the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent, bulk density, mechanical strength, separation ratio and so on.

Use TechairsTM efficient adsorbent jointly produced by Techairs, such as AC12-1P, AZ51-2L, AZ91-2T, especially the efficient adsorbent that can absorb CO. Its advantages and features are as follows:

* Large adsorption capacity for adsorbate other than hydrogen - reduce the volume of filling and investment;

* Good adsorption performance for very low concentration of impurities;

* Can produce ultra-pure hydrogen that results in large separation factor for adsorbate and hydrogen - improve the separation effect and increase yield;

* Have sufficient mechanical strength and wear resistance - its service life can reach up to more than 15 years;